A seminar on smart water conservancy was held today (10 April) at the University of Macau (UM). Co-organised by UM and Macao Urban Planning Institute, with assistance from Xiamen University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the event attracted experts and scholars in the fields of ocean maritime management from Macao, Hong Kong, and Xiamen. Participants had in-depth discussions on the development of the maritime areas of Macao and the Greater Bay Area. They also exchanged ideas on other related topics, including oceanic ecology of Macao’s maritime areas and water security in the Greater Bay Area.

During the seminar, UM Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) Lionel Ni said it is UM’s  responsibility to ensure sustainable development of Macao’s maritime areas. According to Prof Ni, the university has established a maritime big data research team, formed by experts in the fields of science and technology, law, social sciences, and economics. The team will collect big data concerning Macao’s maritime areas, as part of its effort to support China’s strategies for developing the Greater Bay Area and Macao’s maritime areas.

The successful completion of the seminar signals that research studies on the oceanic ecology of Macao and the Greater Bay Area have entered a new stage. It is expected to lay the groundwork for better spatial layout, the development of maritime economy, and the sustainable development of the Greater Bay Area, as well as benefit regional economic growth and the green development of China.

Source: Communications Office