Aqueous-phase reaction and phase state of particles

Chemical reactions in atmospheric particulate matter (PM) affect air quality and global climate, as well as the transport of iron from inland areas to the ocean. The transformation of particle phase state from liquid, solid and semi-solid can alter the extent of those reactions and affect the kinetics. We simulate those chemical reactions using a number of reactors such as an oxidative flow reactor, aqueous-phase reactor, as well as single levitated particle by an electrodynamic balance. The simulated results can provide information about reaction mechanisms and chemical kinetics, which are essential for incorporating those processes in chemical transport models.


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Mass transport and chemical reaction at the water-air interface

The surface characteristics and chemical processes at the ocean-atmosphere interface are essential in the mass flux between these two spheres in the environment. We study the interfacial mass transport and chemical reactions using laboratory simulations and field observations. The results obtained will be useful in our understanding on the impact of material transport at the ocean-atmosphere interface on regional quality in coastal areas, as well as on global climate.

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