Suez, a global expert in water and waste management, and its subsidiary Macao Water Supply Company Ltd, have signed a collaboration framework agreement with the University of Macau (UM). The three parties agree to establish a high-quality collaboration platform by integrating the resources and advantages of all parties in scientific research and marine environment. They will carry out innovative research in offshore environment, water treatment technology, and other related areas, with the aim of protecting marine environment and marine biodiversity.

The three parties will mainly collaborate in the following fields: online detection technology to control the salty tide and reduce the impact of salty tide on the quality of drinking water in Macao; application of artificial intelligence and big data technology in water quality detection; pollutant treatment in sewage treatment plants; marine ecology and environmental science; drinking water quality and emerging pollutants; online monitoring of drinking water quality; as well as systems, methods, and technologies for regional marine environment and coastal construction projects.

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Suez, UM sign collaboration agreement on marine environment protection